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Thank you for supporting a small business!


Since 2005, we have provided personalized care for a wide variety of conditions, to patients of all ages, including geriatric and pediatric populations.


Our goal is to help you find relief that may have been lost due to an accident, illness or injury. We probe to find the underlying causes of your symptoms, and work cooperatively with you and your physician to address those problems. This means that symptoms will be less likely to recur and further injuries can be prevented.


We take a client-centered, hands-on approach to the treatment of each individual. Clients receive one-on-one physical attention from our therapists in a structured program that allows them to build strength and restore lost function without pain. Beginning with the initial assessment, through the therapy process and on to follow-up monitoring, we constantly evaluate your progress and work creatively so that YOUR therapy experience will yield the most benefit for YOUR specific problems. Your healthy living is the reason we are here!

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