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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know whether physical therapy will help me?

If you have suffered an injury that causes you to function with pain.

Following orthopedic surgery to speed recovery.

If you have chronic aches and pains that do not seem to go away.


Will my rehab program be individualized?
Yes. Your therapy program is carefully tailored so that you can gradually build strength and restore lost function without pain. Every patient receives personalized, hands-on care.


Do I have to see my doctor first?
In Pennsylvania you can seek “direct access” to physical therapy without initial need for a doctor’s referral. If extended therapy is indicated, insurance plans often call for a physician’s prescription.


Do you accept insurance? If so which insurances?
Yes, Joint and Spine accepts a variety of different insurance carriers. Please reference the insurance section of our website. If we do not accept your insurance provider, please give us a call and we can discuss your options.


How long does the initial evaluation take?
Generally your initial evaluation will take an hour. In some cases, injury permitting, evaluations can take up to 90 minutes.


What type of attire should I wear to physical therapy?

Please wear comfortable clothing and sneakers. Please refrain from wearing dresses and skirts.


Who do I contact about billing questions?
Joint & Spine Physical Therapy outsources our billing. You may contact our office for payments at 610-353-7533.

For billing related questions please contact our billing office, Elite Therapy Solutions, at 610-594-2060.


Will I be working solely with one therapist during my treatment or will the therapist change often?
We are a small, private outpatient physical therapy clinic. Each office has two physical therapists and we have a physical therapy assistant on staff. Your appointments will all be with the same therapist unless your appointment falls during a holiday or vacation week. In this case you may see a new face, but it's only temporary!


Will you be open in bad weather and how will I know if you are closed?
Please use your discretion in regards to bad weather. If you do not feel comfortable driving in inclement weather please do not. Should the office be closed, the office will contact you. You may also refer to our Facebook page for emergency snow closings!



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