Patient Testimonials

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"Martin Zackroff and his team helped me a great deal. I went to Joint & Spine (my second round of PT) in agony, and Marty immediately got me in to see a fine Pain Management Specialist who, in turn, helped me. The Joint and Spine team are kind, responsive and keen to help. I am very pleased with their expertise and high levels of service. Thanks Marty and team! I appreciate your efforts to help me."

-Robert G. March 2019

"I’m a PT going to the best PT for back issues! Marty has incredible “mixology" therapy skills - combining different techniques targeting the muscles causing pain and giving the right home exercises!! He patiently answers my multitude of questions & is a great encourager!! Thank you Marty & team!!"

-Nancy M. Nov. 2019

"I can’t recommend this office enough! I had 2 separate, back to back, and unrelated injuries that kept me from doing every day activities and from doing my sport without pain. Marty and his team helped me overcome my neck pain so I could do the every day task of just looking up over my head without pain and he also helped me rehab my sprained ankle so I could return to horseback riding. Because of my back to back injuries, I spent few months in this office and made friendships with everyone! I looked forward to PT believe it or not! They are the nicest people and truly care about their patients. I will miss them and I hope to see them again (but not from injuries! ☺️)."

-Priscilla M. Oct. 2019


"Myself and my daughter are both patients of this fantastic service. Friendly staff and a warm welcome make you feel comfortable from day one. Great therapists, we will be sorry to see Erica leave when she completes her placement, she’s brilliant. Well done and thank you everyone at JSPT !!!"

-Louise C. Jan. 2018

"No words for the pain relief I've experienced. But even better is the action plan to strengthen me, thus avoiding future deterioration. Marty and crew are the best!"

-Karin B. March 2018

"Marty and his team have brought outstanding relief to a long standing back muscle spasm problem. Best hands and understands how to stretch and lessen spasms. I say he has 'magic hands' as I feel so much better each time I leave. Could not recommend more highly!"

-Angela H. Nov. 2017

"Would highly recommend Marty and the team at Joint & Spine PT.  From the warm welcome from Brianna at the reception desk, to the evidenced based therapeutic approach, you will be in good hands. I had a severe back injury that just would not heal. After trying multiple physical therapists, injections, chiropractic care, etc, I tried Joint & Spine as a last resort before surgery. Marty and Dana's hands on approach made all the difference in my care. I honestly believe that I would of wound up having surgery if it were not for their intervention(s) and exercise regimens. After intense therapy and exercise, I have been pain free for years. Lastly, Marty really cares - he frequently follows up to see how I'm doing and is always available should I need any follow-up. Before you try a big company owned therapy factory, call Marty for some personalized care!"

-Joe D. July 2017

"Phenomenal!  I was referred to Joint & Spine Physical Therapy by my pain management specialist to treat sciatica, compounded with long term knee pain in both legs.  I had barely been able to walk for the past two months, was unable to stand for longer then a minute or so, and was at the point where only my pride was keeping me out of a wheelchair.  I was glad the location was convenient, but hadn't had high hopes that physical therapy would provide relief beyond what my chiropractor could do.  However, after shuffling in to my first appointment, I was amazed to find that I could actually walk more normally on my way out of the door, and that the sciatica pain was much reduced.  After my third appointment, I was surprised to realize that I had actually walked from my home out to my car without the assistance of my cane.  The physical therapists customized my therapy to match my fitness level, and each visit continues to provide amazing results.  Marty is very friendly, professional and encouraging.  I can not say enough good things about him and his team.  I can't imagine going anywhere else, as the treatment I have received has been life changing."

-Lucy M. July 2017

"Wonderful place.  I have done physical therapy at another practice in the past and they hardly compare.  Marty and his staff are extremely knowledgable and listen to your concerns.  At Joint and Spine you are not just a number you are thier "patient". If I ever need therapy again they would be my number 1 choice."

-Raymond D. 2014

My whole family has come to joint and spine for physical therapy for multiple injuries. My most recent injury when I was home, was the summer between my freshman and sophomore year where I strained my flexor pronators. This injury sidelined me for the rest of the summer. After this diagnosis, the doctors prescribed me with physical therapy for the rest of the summer until I was deemed healthy by the doctor.  Because of the great job Joint and Spine did with my past injuries, I chose to go back for my rehab.  After doing all of the exercises that the staff at Joint and Spine required of me throughout the summer, I was finally cleared to play.  After this phase, Martin Zackroff wrote a throwing program for me.  As my throwing continued, I actually returned stronger than before. This was all attributed to Martin Zackroff and the staff at Joint and Spine. Currently now I am healthy and a pitcher in the Los Angeles Dodgers' Organization.

-Mark Washington

Lehigh University 

Right Handed Pitcher in the Los Angeles Dodgers' Organization

Mike is a former professional baseball player, drafted by the Philadelphia Phillies in 2005 and went on to play in the big leagues for the Cincinatti Reds. Mike suffered a season ending injury in August of 2009 that required right knee medial menisectomy surgery. It is then that Mike was introduced to Joint & Spine Physical Therapy. Once recovered, Mike returned to baseball for a few seasons. In 2014 Mike returned to JSPT for treatment following a discectomy and laminectomy. Mike knows who to call when he needs physical therapy treatment!

-Mike Costanzo
Former Archbishop John Carroll High School Baseball Coach/Former Professional Baseball Player


As the head coach of the Cardinal O'Hara Lacrosse Team, it is most important to me that my athletes seek the best medical treatment for injury prevention and sports injury recovery. Whenever one of my athletes see Marty and his staff I know they are in the hands of true professionals. He has handled injuries ranging from shin splints to post-ACL surgery treatment. JSPT has also performed free screenings for our athletes prior to pre-season to prevent injuries during the actual sport season. His staff is super flexible and accommodating when scheduling my girls, making immediate treatment accessible. Joint & Spine is my go-to recommendation for any and all sport injuries requiring physical therapy treatment!

-Jennifer Duckenfield

 Cardinal O'Hara Lacrosse Coach